Very apt statement from papa

We basically slept whole of today as ee fann wasn’t feeling his best today. Im too lazy to even cook..

This late afternoon, as I was clearing ern’s stuff I made a random statement ” it has been a loooooong while since we last we bought toys for ern.” and he replied “she has us. No need for toys. Only parents that are always not around will keep on buying toys.” BINGO! It just felt so right!

Its indeed a blessing to be able to be there for her all the time. I value this “being there” to a great extend. In fact I left flying to “be there” for my family. (before I was married) it means so much to me as I believe that having a very involved family will give a child a deep sense of security and thus will grow up to be a confident person. Self worth in this aspect starts young.

Till today I’m still very glad that I made the choice to be a full time caretaker of ern and really wouldn’t trade anything for that.

Not everyone will make the same decision I made. But ultimately you know what works best for YOU and your family and be happy about it.


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