Bits and pieces

A week ago ern has been having long naps from 1pm till 4pm or even later and hence we made impromptu decisions to head for the night safari! We have since went there twice : ) I guess the really fantastic thing about staying here is that it’s so near the animals. I take ern to the zoo like twice or thrice a month after picking her up from school.

Since her school life which started 2 months ago, she hasn’t been sick till yesterday. Pretty bad cough.. Damn the cough! Looks like she will have to skip school and miss her pool day! a monthly event just like her excursions. The teachers at her school works pretty hard! Kekeke… Can’t remember the location for May’s excursion but the last excursion to the bird park ended pretty late. They set off at 9am and came back only at 2pm! Her teacher called and asked me to pick her up later and that was also the day she continued her night excision with us to the night safari. She had a blast that day! My animal crazy cutie pie ; )

Some pictures taken at the night safari. (before it got too dark)


8 thoughts on “Bits and pieces

  1. wow lao… Jealous leh…

    Anyway, if Ernern cough is really bad, give her fresh grapes to eat. Let her drink grape juice as well. However, the grapes must be not cold.

    If you are ok with Chinese Medicine, give her babaosan from Eu Yan Sang.

  2. no. Grapes are good for cough. Last week when Matt was coughing with phlegm, I gave him a lot of fresh grape juice to drink since he doesn’t eat grapes.

  3. hiya shann, me too am alwys interested in night safari but hor alwys our plan changed and so not ended there in the end… am so going to there soon!!! 🙂

    hey, i rem telling alicia cos B was having a bad cough the other time, giving crocs meat is gd for the little one lung… and you might wanna tell cos Ern’s cough is somehow like a on/off thingy qte often… i have the addy, and do let me know if you want to buy some to feed Ern ya… So far Cleo is taking though she doesnt have any cough, but its gd for her lung… so I give like once a week or every 2 weeks…

  4. babe, drink the soup nia… meat very very tough one so we just throw… and the place I buy the crocs meat, they will have prepack herbs to make soup.

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