animal resort

She said she wanted to feed animals. In particular the rabbits and so we went to the Animal Resort straight after I picked her up from school. She was so looking forward to it that she couldnt stop yakking her excitement away in the car.

There is no entrance fee and you just have to pay a token sum of $2 for 3 packets of feeds. Feel free to donate too! : ) This animal resort is like a heaven for the kiddos and I sure hope it is here to stay for good! (There isnt many “farms” in Singapore…) Parking is free as well… my only “complain” is that the road into the farmway drive are really bumpy and pretty narrow when there are huge vehicles coming in the opposite direction.

So here’s the pictures today:

greeted by the swans : )

after patting the horse did I notice that there is a sign saying that the horse BITES! hahahha

mummy rabbit just gave birth today! "happy belated mummy day!"

see the blood stain at the rear area? hmmm... where is the father I wonder..

and the feeding begins..

"ern ern feed rabbit carrot"

she seems to favour the babies..

Finally! she has been wanting to feed fish months ago!

she fed the feed ONE BY ONE it took forever and so she decided to sit down and continue feeding

I cant remember the names of these 2 birds..

chickens, ducks, peacocks and peahens

the peahen took the feed from her palm and then fed on her fingers. ouch! hahahha.. ern said "scared peacock. bye bye peacock. no more food."

here's ern saying "no more." after she thtrew the entire packet of feed onto the ground.

back to her favourire activity - chasing the birds.

view of the horse and pond full of swans

Hungry goose. There are actually 10 or more of them charging towards us!

Bidding farewell and sending kisses to the horse before we finally left..

Animal Resort


T81 Seletar West Farmway 5 ScienceCentre Road

Our new hideout place. Will be back real soon.


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