Kranji Farm Tours

Perfect weather perfect timing and we decided to take her to explore the farms in Kranji.
Our first stop: Frog farm.

The reception area where we purchased the frog feeds and of course frog meat!

papa and ern ern. this place is full of graffiti.


I had to come back to get a second bowl of feed because ern dumped the entire frrd into the pond.

This stray is so sweet and gentle! All strays deserve a second leash of life! If only I can accomodate another one...

walking towards the frog ponds

Her fun starts now!

"frog come! eat!"

looks pretty challenging. If you can take the weather that is.

done with the frogs! now to the fish!

Shhhhh... keep quiet..

hungry fish!

done with the fish feeding!

we went to check out the farm resort

looks pretty decent

she ran towards it and shouted "sunflower!"

Next we went to “bollywood veggies”

her first look at a real banana tree

entrance into the veggie farm is $2 per pax (child is complimentary) ern was given a banana for free as the lady couldnt resist her cuteness and wanted to give us free entrance but we insisted on paying. paiseh mah... hahahha...


The bistro. was told by my mummy friend Alicia that the food here is great. will try it next time.

here we go again!

soursop tree

father and daughter eating banana

opps! beware of snakes? hmm... better walk with papa.

There. Better.

Capsicum. "capcumcum"

Chili plant. "oh? spicy!! ern ern don't like spicy."

Ladysfinger. "pink ladyfinger"

water parade time!

Roselle. I heard from the green grocer that they are beneficial for diabetic patients.

Noni fruit.

next stop: Hays Dairies. we obviously didnt make it in time to witness the milking session (9am till 11am)… next time!

welcome to Hay Dairies!

I was under the impression that we could feed the goats.. guess that wasnt the case!

endde the visit with chocolate goat's milk

It is an acquired taste. I didnt enjoy it. well... ern didnt seem to mind.

the vehicles belonging to the owners.

before we headed home we popped into a vegetable place and got some organic vegetables for tomorrow! I love how we spent the day today. peacefully, quietly and happily. : )


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