This is another makeover done by me last week. (I borrowed my in-law’s helper for that few hours. hee hee hee)

Evening makeup.

Evening makeup is slightly more defined than day makeup for the obvious reasons. Brows are drawn darker than normal, features were shaded more than normal and eyeshadow are also darker too. This makeup will look a little overdone during daylight but look absolutely gorgeous in the dim evening lights. (evening light will make a day makeup look washed out and tired. So caution must be taken to further define the features.)

"before makeover"

I only remembered to take the before picture after trimming her right eyebrow. (the brow on the left in the picture above) The unruly hair were trimmed away and reshaped acording to her face shape which is slightly rectangle in shape.

"after makeover"

Her features – nose were shaded to give an illusion of a shaper nose, her face were slightly shaded to give a more defined shape. If you were to look closely at the first picture you will notice that her brows were uneven (like most of us) so I did my best to make them looking as even as possible without looking too harsh. The overall experience in this makeover was superb. I had a great time “painting” her face. More to come soon!


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