bugs pls stay away!!

She has been sick for far too long. Or should I say she hasnt recovered drom her first episode of cough and she caught another? This is the third week and counting… wheezing and coughing. Not good at all. I took her for a chest x ray and hopefully all is clear and also seeked a second opinion. This Clinic is the one at Hougang Avenue 5 ABC clinic. The residential doctor wasn’t in so a locum who is also a PD attended to us. She gave me a 30 minutes run down of the entire flu and bug process, super detailed (a little mind boggling) and the outcome (medication) is about the same as my GP. But it just makes me feel a little better knowing that I have done what I could for now. So its now a battle between ern and the bugs. (I think it’s more a case of mummy versus the bug)

Coming Tuesday is her third excursion to Underwater World. I hope she can recover in time otherwise she will have to give it a miss. Her next excursion which is in June will be to “Health Zone” (beats me). Anyway in the midst of all her sickness she got herself an audition for talent modeling : ) Will take her to the studio for photoshoot once she recovers! Her friend Ryan is with impact models and ern will be with Style House. hahahah… Ee fann says she will earn money to pay for her doctor’s bills. LOL.

So right now what Im doing is staying at home nursing her till she gets better. Cant wait to do something really exciting! It’s all coming along pretty nicely… just need to make sure ern is okay before I gave it my all.

So, flu bug please scram. Now.


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