Lung infection

It’s confirmed by the X Ray report. It’s the infection in her lungs that’s preventing her from full recovery. I must say it’s a “relieve” that we finally knew what’s really wrong with her. As ern is still active, eating well so it doesn’t warrant admission to the hospital and I hope it stays this way. Hospital stay is really draining and I shrug my shoulders thinking of it! So in the meantime she will be staying at home for “treatments”. Antibiotics and of course nebulisation which I have been doing. Every 4 hourly. Can’t wait for this to pass so that I can really rest and get on with life.

Today, unfortunately she will have to miss her excursion to the underwater world – her third. Oh well… There will be so many more to come! (I consoled myself) I guess every parent is more excited about their excursions than the child himself! As for now nursing princess back to health is my number one priority.

Oh in the midst of all the medication, nebulisation…. I still managed to do up a style blog linked to my main website which I will reveal soon. I will be sharing with all of you what I’ve learnt as a style coach and make up artist and my thoughts about everything that has to do with beauty.

Stay tuned!


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