It’s over!

Took her for medical review this morning and am so glad her lungs are all clear now ; ) no more nebulizing in the wee hours of the night! She still has to continue another round of medicine though; to prevent relapse. But ern has no problem taking medicine so I’m okay with that ; ) I must add that she is very cooperative when it comes to medicine.

She will resume school next week and me back to life again. Ern misses school alot. She has been singing and dancing all the songs that were taught in school and commanding me to do “actions” along with her. Am
Sure she will be happy to be able to dance with her classmates again. (mummy is a boring partner to dance with. Hahaha)

Today is day 2 without my helper. She has gone back for holiday and won’t be back 2 weeks later. She (my helper) cried upon departure. She couldn’t bear to leave ern. Hahaha it’s understandable as she has been around since the day ern was born. I do miss her too frankly. The house seems so quiet without her around… It just feels like someone is missing all the time.


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