Exciting news

Still have some time before my “glamour shot” so that this opportunity to share my excitement! Still can’t contain it after sharing it with ee fann and a few good friends.

I met the groupon business development manager over lunch with regards to my proposal to be featured with them. At the end of the session, I felt a wee bit dejected as I was told that their company had rejected a famed local celebrity make up artist’s proposal. So I probably had only 50% chance to get my proposal approved.

I was still Hoping for a miracle nonetheless. Prior to meeting up with groupon I was also in the midst of a similar discussion with streetdeal and that may explain why I was only a wee but disappointed as I still have a second option.

This morning streetdeal approved my proposal and so did groupon!!! However, groupon requires me to be featured exclusively with them. Called streetdeal and told them the truth and we agreed to collaborate again after I’m done with groupon.

Can’t wait!


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