Home alone

Day 6 without helper and it’s also the third day without ee fann. We are managing well. Very well infact! Sent her to school, did the chores, cooked the meals, washed the dishes, and spend real alone time with her for the rest of the day after I picked her up from
School. This is how it has been for the last few days. Doing the househole work isnt that mundane with her singing in the background, dancing, beating the drums and her wanting to help me all the time, and not forgetting the occasional surprise the throws me when she run and wrap her arms around my legs and tells me “mummy i love you”. Total bliss.

Today being a saturday all else were the same except we went to shichida in the morning. In the evening i felt like taking her to night safari and off we went after having my mum’s delicious rice dumplings and packed a few sandwiches.

This is the first time we went there during a weekend and the queue was horrendous. I thought it starts at 6pm (well it used to during my guiding days) but it has since changed to 7pm. So we walked around for an hour; queued for 45 minutes before we got into our much needed tram ride. As usual she is super excited to see her animals and kept shouting and calling out their names. To her, each visit always feels like her first. Took the walking trails and towards the end at around 9pm she said “go to bed already” so we went home. I am pretty happy about our “achievement” so far. Far more proud of her than myself.

Happy dragon boat festival : )


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