Sick again

Day 3 of persistent fever that went as high as 39; and the coughing never seems to stop. My poor sickly ern… I am tired honestly. Dealing with episodes and episodes of cough and now this episode has high fever as a guest Starr. I dread this and wish it will be an all clear soon. Helper coming back tmr evening! Yay! Some help around the house at least..

Had spoken to her principal about her medical condition and steps will be taken to isolate her from sick classmates. Further away… And definitely not sitting together during meal times etc… Let’s hope this arrangement will change the future situation a little.

And looks like she will miss yet another monthly outing this coming Wednesday.

This saturday is parents teachers meeting session and I hope I can be there.. Ern requires me to be by her side like every single second. It’s likely that ee fann will have to attend.

Amidst all the patting, reassuring, medication, nebulization, sponging… I managed to get some work done. Receipt books are ready, tools are ready, slides are almost there (will make them simple; hates lengthy slides), need to go get some other stuff and I’m all set for the coming workshops. I’m really excited! Will hog ee fann’s conference room till he screams at me. Hee hee…

Ok, need to get her medication soon… Temperature is again on the rise.. If only I am the one suffering. Seriously!


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