Don’t really know where to begin since it’s now the 6th day camping in the hospital. But as always I will document this down for future reference maybe?

She started coughing and then the persistent fever set in on day 2. It went as high as 39.3 for 2 days and I caved in. I made the decision to go to hospital and ee fann suggested Gleneagles instead of KKH. It was 11.40pm then and ern was sleeping with visible signs of shortness of breathe. I packed all our belongings prepared for the admission but what I didn’t prepare was that of a long stay.

The choice was good. No queue at all and we got our bed pronto. It’s really fantastic as compared to the never ending; nerve wrecking queue in KKH. Sent for a PD and she was checked almost immediately.

She had chest x Ray done the next day which confirmed what I feared most – pneumonia. It spread to both sides of her lungs this time and it does seem pretty bad. Ern simply couldn’t eat at all and only takes breast milk. In this kind of situation I’m always so glad that I’ve never stopped breast feeding. Then doctor ordered physiotherapy and suction of the phlegm through her nose and throat. This is really traumatizing. I’m speaking for ern and myself. Ee fann wasn’t there each time to see what her darling has to go through and I simply couldn’t muster any form of strength to video it down. I was shaking inside each time I see her struggling, wailing and pleading away. Her next physiotherapy session is tomorrow. She has to do it every morning.

But she is getting better and better each day. Today she has gained back her appetite, really playful and active. Her phlegm has loosen up and I think we should be going home soon.

Her test result for her phlegm shows that it is a viral infection – RSV. A pretty bad case this time but fortunately it isn’t a bacterial infection in which she will need an IV drip. (gulps x 100)

Just really want to say thanks to all the people who has shown us your concern during these trying period. You know who you are. Thank you.


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