She tries her luck all the time

Ern is superb at bargaining. She started sometime ago and I might as well document it down as I find it really funny at times.

She has this habit of playing with her Ipad; surfing her favourite songs on google before her bedtime which is fine with me as she will then sing and dance on the bed – a little treat for me before I end my day.

When it’s finally time to sleep, she will asks for “5 more minutes” before turning it off and go to sleep. The good thing about this is that she honours her words. Hahahaha!! When I said “ok 5 mins are up”. She will off the ipad and asks me to “keep the phone”. She by the way affectionately calls her ipad – big phone. iPhone is her small phone. ; )

Last Sunday, we went to ee fann’s office to do some work and princess tagged along (as usual). She saw a big tub of sweets and helped herself to it. After her second or maybe third she asked for more her request was declined as I think it’s too much sugar! At this point she said “last 10 please?” I almost fell off my chair! When was it EVER last TEN?!?! She usually will ask for last ONE. When I said no she said “last TWO”. It was too cute to reject any further. I gave her “last ONE” and she said “ok”. I think it’s the case of “no fish prawn also can” kind of situation.

Have a good week ahead everyone!


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