Busy as a bee can be

It has been a super duper looooong July. (and it hasnt ended yet!)

Workshops every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Just when I thought I can take a break… Thursdays early morning – school talk at raffles institude. Ain’t complaining here; just that I wished I had a little more time with my princess. Oh she IS complaining about the lack of time with her. Kids these days are so different from our generation. It makes me wonder what surprise will I be in for when Im a grandmother. “hello! Are you my mummy?” the moment they are out of the womb? Hahaha

Workshops had been really hactic. But from all these people my presentation skill, makeup skill (especially eyebrow trimming) just gets better each day. I get the most kick out of reshaping a bushy brow. Though I’ve learnt professional makeup and all but putting them into practice everyday really gave me the confidence to draw on any face.

So everyday the best reward at the end of the day is to have the rest of my day (whatever that’s left of it) with princess. I cherish every bit of it as they are so precious to me now. Come mid October I will be taking a short break before I start my engine again and this time I will prefer to slow down a little.

I will also be taking on more school talk assignments when it comes along as it is fun! Super fun! All the laughter during the talk makes the waking up at 5am worthwhile. I didn’t know that students in R.I skipped “O” levels and went straight to “A” levels. They are indeed made of a different grade. As I passed by some classrooms it surprises me to see a few students sleeping in every class. (Something I don’t expect to see in top schools) when I asked a student his reply was “madam, really no choice. It’s really very stressful”. He said the word “stressful” with so much conviction that I felt so guilty. I’ve never had that much stress in my entire academic life! (ah… That explains my academic performance) He also added “as we skipped “O” levels; we always felt very unprepared and inadequate.” the first thought that came to me was “nope. Ern is not going R.I”. Hahahah.. Well I guess if she can make it to top schools then i’m sure she can handle it. Hee hee..


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