Opportunity cost

I’ve gotten a rare opportunity to be on TV! Its those roles with no script kind. Hahaha it’s with British Chamber of Commerce. Money is good … $400 for a couple of hours for 2 days. I’m more attracted to the exposure than the money BUT I had to turn it down.. The casting dates clashes with my workshops. Damn?!! I struggled to finally decide that it’s not meant to be… Hopefully there will be another opportunity.

Currently my work is all about giving school talks (which I absolutely love), taking bridal assignments; make-up and hairdo, workshops on styling and make-up, and some impromptu weird assignments. As you can see all of which is about selling. Be it selling myself (service) or products except the bridal assignments. That’s why I always welcome the change (bridal assigbments) every once in a while. The change from talking for hours (standing) to simply chatting leisurely and doing what I enjoy most – make-up. (still standing – check out my calf muscles!)

Speaking of opportunity cost… I had a few workshop participants requesting for make-up and hairdo services for the prenuptial ceremony (beats me – i think its something thats happens in phillipines) and ROM etc… But I simply can’t commit. I feel so helpless but it does feel good to be “demanded” nonetheless ; )

My work is quite demanding as I work through the weekends too and so I squeeze every little time to be with princess. I still take her to Shichida every Saturday morning and ee fann will bring her home and I will continue my work in his office. I send and pick her from school everyday – being able to do that makes me feel like a super mummy! Hmmm… Living in singapore actually makes EVERY mum a super mum. (no offense but think Australia. 1 year maternity leave)

I’m the kind of person who hates details. Anything to do with details. Especially with numbers! (I’m a right brainer) The only thing that I’m pretty good with is planning when it comes to how I should spend my time right down to the minutes. I have SQ to thank for this. Every minute counts “up there”. So fortunately no matter how busy I am I will still be able to make time for family. And that includes my parents. (I love my mum and I idolize my dad) As the saying goes – the busiest man makes the most time. No?

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