Kelong seafood dinner

Spent the entire day in JB with the usual gang. The kiddos had the most fun chasing one another, screaming away.. Don’t think they really care where they are. They know they are with friends and that’s that.










We also saw a group of children living around the vicinity.. The same group whom flocked to Brayden’s car when the family arrived. They “helped” to lead the car to a complete stop at the parking lot and then waited for their token sum of appreciation at the door.

Somehow a sense of guilt overcome me whenever I witness such scenes. They didn’t choose to be born in such circumstances. It’s the same kind of helplessness I feel whenever I see scrawny stray dogs wondering on the streets. And I totally hate that feeling. Our monthly donations seems to ease the guilt feeling a little but is there anything else that the world can do for them? (the dogs included)

The worse question a wife can ask a husband would be which would the husband choose if she and the MIL were to …..

The worse question to ask me will be which to choose if it’s a child and a dog . I’m dead serious.


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