Little shopper

This is definitely the best thing to ever have in a super market. It makes shopping with a toddler so so enjoyable . A mini shopping cart for the little one ; ) ern was more than glad to help with cart; pushing it around wherever we went. She will follow closely and “assist” us in putting the items into HER cart. She just couldn’t get enough of it.

It’s at king Albert park’s cold storage. But there was only one left : ( I spoke to the cashier and she told me that they used to have 6 of them… I guess some shoppers had conveniently taken them home.. It’s really a pity. How do we “majulah Singapore” when we have such “fantastic” social grace? I say we still have a long long way to go…

Thereafter we went for another walk along the railway tracks. Ern enjoys walking on the railway tracks as she loves to pluck the wild flowers as she spots them. And hey.. She is pretty good at identifying flowers! Bouganvilla, rose, sunflower, ixora, orchid etc… She is into flowers now. So typical of a girl : )











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