Opportunity cost part 2

Ok hopefully there won’t be anymore part 3…

Was tasked to do make-up and hair on models for a fashion charity show at Shangrila hotel. Once again, I had to turn it down… Am pretty disappointed as they only needed 3 artists and I was one of the chosen one. Money isn’t fantastic as it’s for charity. But I would gladly accept it without compensation anytime. It would be so fun to be there drawing “rainbow” on their big eyes and “twisting” their hair. I have very vivid images on how I will work on their face and hair.. Hmmm… Next time. I’m sure there will be more of such fun stuff to do.

Ee fann will be traveling for 2 weeks in September. Ain’t tagging along this time as I have wedding assignments and this trip is more for him to entertain his guys so having me and ern around isnt a fantastic idea. But I DO miss U.S. I think we should be making a family trip there soon : ) yup it will always be a family trip! I know some may prefer to have some trips without the kids around – which I think is perfectly healthy. We just prefer to have ern around whenever possible – which I think is a perfect idea too : )

Speaking of traveling, ern’s long distance cousins will be coming to Singapore in mid August and she will have to miss her school excursion (again) as she will have to entertain them. But ern will be compensated with a trip to Universal Studios. Doubt she can take many rides there but it’s definitely the company that counts.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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