Terrible 2s

I don’t know why I’m still talking about this topic now. She didn’t give much of an issue last time… But pls tell me I’m not alone here!!!

It really can drive me nuts. She won’t want to go home after meals. She will insist that she is still hungry and wants to sit on the chair and continue eating but the truth is she is full and can’t eat anymore. All she wants is to stay out and not to head home and sleep. So tantrums has been a frequent sight outside restaurants. : ( when she started this nonsense the first few times I still am able to be pretty calm and collected to deal with it. But now… : ( she screams and screams away saying “I’m still hungry!!!” (on a repeat mode) and I get all the stares from the onlookers who must be thinking that I’m such a lousy mother. So their stares really isn’t helping.

I do feel very lousy at times. But I know it’s part of being a parent.

To my little ern:

It is a challenge to be calm and collected especially when it happens all too frequently. It really takes a lot of love. A lifetime of love to smile and love you all the same (if not more) so thank you for the love if one day should mummy grow old, senile and keep making you angry. Always remember mummy loves you. No matter what.


2 thoughts on “Terrible 2s

  1. I still get alot of those “shits” from Janelle. Especially when she is sleeping in the car and we woke up her when we reached the destination. She will cry and scream and everything you can’t imagine to get what she wants. Many times, I have lost my cool and I actually hit her. For that moment, she stops her nonsenses but the next time it will happen again!

    • Babe … At least I can emphatize with Janelle’s frustration. It’s like sleeping halfway or almost about to fall into deep sleep then Kenna woken up. It’s like WTF?! Of coz angry lah… But I don’t understand ern’s situation at all. She is definitely not eating anymore and when she goes shouting and screaming “I’m still hungry!!” (like a million times) I get all the stares from onlookers. Not funny at all ; ((

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