The celebration

I was so touched by what I witnessed. So many times I was near tearing. Though ern wasn’t participating in the performance as she hasn’t been attending school; she still enjoyed herself a lot and so did I.

The children were spectacular! Dancing and singing and reciting Chinese poems that I have never heard before. Skits were performed by K2s, N1 and PG did a performance explaining the shape of the moon and what it looked like etc… I was most impressed by a dance performed by K2 girls. They were so beautiful and graceful. It’s those kind of performance that you see on TV (the KTV competition standard). I was told that most of the performance were practiced within 3 days. There was also a story of how the mooncake festival came about and the story was narrated by 2 children from K1. I was blown away not only by the performance but also by the narrators. Superb narration.

I went with ern and most children were present with both parents but nonetheless I still volunteered myself for a couple of games with ern clapping away and cheering for me. So whilst the children were up the “stage” performing, my little performer were either clapping away or dancing along on her little spot.

Towards the end trophies were given away to award winning lanterns. I aim to walk away with one together with ern next year. At the end of the celebration the principal walked over and had a little chat with me and was told that Christmas celebration will be held in the same manner too! Maybe I won’t have to wait till next year. ; )

There were some pictures of me and ern receiving presents as a token of appreciation for MY involvement in the games but those weren’t captured in my phone. Hopefully I can get them from the teachers ; )

Here are some pictures:















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