Bits and pieces

Did a school talk for ern’s school yesterday and this is a token of appreciation from them. Totally unexpected. But we had lots of fun. Total of 20 teachers and it’s really hilarious when they start teasing each other during body measurements. So I got to know the teachers on a more personal level and I really like that. In December I will also be doing makeup for the children for their year end graduation performance. I’m sure it’s going to be fun.

Ok so princess assumed that the present is for her. See that happy face?

Then this morning we went for a super long walk at the botanical gardens after having breakfast at king Albert park.

It was a glorious weather. It’s such a waste to stay indoors. I might bring ern to the zoo after she wakes up from her nap. There is some celebration going on at the zoo from 6pm onwards. Releasing of floating lanterns, story telling, patting of rabbits etc… If we are going we will be there at 5pm.






Have a great weekend ; )


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