Day at the zoo

We love to go to the zoo. (weekday) i mean ern loves the animals there and it’s really great living within close proximity so I don’t have to drag my feet when she asks to see her animals. It’s more like a “okay so you wanna see animals? Then let’s go!” kind of thing. I wished we could stay a wee bit longer but it started to rain – heavily. It wasn’t too bad though; we were there from 9am till 1.30pm before we left.

But this time we did many things. It’s not the usual animal visiting but we also had breakfast with the orang utans, (and python snake), pony ride, carousal ride, boat ride, waterplay at kids world etc..

Okay for the orang utan part, it was just a group of them right infront of all the tables with a commentary of how they live, poachers … And then you will see a bee line with tourist queing up for photo taking. I much prefer the late ah Meng where it’s really a true “breakfast with an orang utan”. But I guess they still couldn’t find a good replacement : (

Breakfast with orang utan $31
Pony ride $6
Carousal $4
Boat ride $5
Waterplay $0

I realise ern was really just walking around the waterplay area and really just splashing water and it didn’t look like she was having great fun so after 20mins I took her to another form of waterplay at the shower area. We had the shower area all to ourselves and I gave ern a water hose and took one myself and we started playing “water shooting” at each other. Obviously i wasn’t prepared for this and was 70% wet after the “battle”. Ern had so much more fun that way.

As for the boat ride, it was really to take us from point B back to A as it was raining. I wouldn’t take it the next time as it was pretty … Boring.. But it’s good to know that the boat is battery operated so as not to pollute the reservoir water. Cool stuff!

The pony ride was ern’s first ever “horse ride”. The ride took less than 2 minutes so for $6 I say it’s pretty steep since I’m very sure it will soon be a mandatory stop for ern. Shouldn’t the company give a discount to friends of the zoo : ( hahahaha but then again if it’s too affordable, our poor pony will have to work even harder.

Oh yes I just read that the zoo cancelled the moonight Halloween event as they want to refocus their resources for something more Asian themed – deepavali xxxx. The students from Singapore poly invested so much time and energy on this and it’s almost complete. It’s such a shame that it has to be called off so suddenly. In a way it’s also a very good learning opportunity to the students from the beginning till the end even though it is called off. Anything can happen right? So they just have to take it in their stride and move on. Being a poly student myself, I’m really proud of them and am sure that they are going to ace this project assessment.

Pictures taken that day:












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