Happy Day

Ee fann is finally back! We missed him. Hee hee and with all the stuff that I wanted. He went to Orlando, new York and London and picked up all the items from all the various stops. *beaming* basically he bought lots of animal toys for his little precious and cosmetics for me. Ee fann is the kind that will walk to a cosmetic counter to asks for the list of things I want or to buy me sanitary napkins and really having no qualms doing so : ))

Today is also the day I did my first bridal assignment. Reached the location at 3.15am and 3.30pm for the evening makeup and hairdo. I actually did 3 hairstyling and 2 makeup per session. (bridal, sister etc..) it was a real challenge racing against time but I had good fun. I can’t believe that I didn’t take pictures with them! Really too pressed for time. Hopefully there will be many more opportunities to do so in future. My payment for the day:


Some of our loots: (expecting one last parcel.)




Ee fann bought this for me for my monthly backache. Really very thoughtful ; )

He went to the restaurant “fifteen” in London and got these for me. Fifteen!! ( a restaurant set up by Jamie Oliver with the sole purpose of helping delinquent kids. So some of the stuff or chefs there are ex-convicts. Yellow ribbon project at it’s BEST. 100% non-profit) It’s a big deal to me as I’m a big fan of Jamie Oliver not only because he is a superb chef but also the way he gives back to the society. Setting up fifteen is one of the many examples. Ee fann said the food there is really fantastic. Though I didn’t get to eat there..well at least I got these recipe books ; ))

Can’t wait to play with my new toys!!


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