Typical stuff that we do

It’s after shichida and look what ern has got for children’s day gift from her teacher:



Handmade yummy cookies that she had while having breakfast at macdonalds. It also comes with a handmade fridge magnet personalized with her name. How thoughtful is that? Shichida believes in making handmade materials as opposed to purchasing them as a way of showing love. So way to go teacher nana!

In the evening she met up with her besties – Brayden and Matt for dinner and shared her goodies with them too. Muacks!

I think it was the next day or couple days later I took her to her usual hangout – zoo.

So on my way there it started to drizzle. I told her that it’s raining and we might have to change to another venue. Her reply was “it’s not raining. It’s a cloudy day.” I was left with no choice as my further explanation will leave her throwing tantrums for sure. So I just kept on driving and also suggested having breakfast there while we wait for the rain to stop. She was agreeable with that arrangement which was a huge relieve to me. However miracle did happen… It stopped raining the second I stepped on my footbrake (parking the car). And indeed it was a cloudy day. Must be her ESP : )) by the way; her home practice (ESP) amazes ee fann and he suggested bringing het to casino when she turns 21. (slaps forehead)

So she did all her usual routine in the zoo. Ride a pony… Carousal… Animal shows… And she took home a souvenir this time:


And sat on the cow before we headed home:


She is getting bolder now. She just requested to ride on an elephant.

As for my work, plans are underway to work freelance with studios and modeling agencies and also working on some other year end projects. I’m looking forward! I’m sure I’m able to end 2011 with a high. And hopefully 2012 …. Still trying to get ern a sibling… Hopefully soon ; ))

A side note on having another child. This is not to influence your decision if you wish to have only one child. I just wanted to share my experience and thoughts. Initially I’m pretty set to have only ern and ern only. As I don’t think I can take care of another child etc… I’m just super contented to have only her and very happy with that arrangement. (of course ee fann has always been strongly against my idea) so one day while conducting a workshop, a participant shared with me her story:

She said she is so relieved that she isn’t the only child in the family as she and her sibling had just made the decision to take the life support away from her vegetable father/mother (can’t remember). As she would have felt guilty for the rest of her life had it not been a joined decision.

Okay that really MADE me review my decision of having one child. Truth be told, this is my motivation to give ern a sibling. To ease the pain or burden if such situation or similar situation should arise. But whatever your decision is, I am very sure it is the best for YOUR family. ; ))


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