My freelance career

Me: ern, sorry but it’s time to wake up. Mummy is late for work.
Ern: I still want to sleep.. (and really went back to sleep)
Me: okay so do you want to stay at home or go with mummy?
Ern: sleep. Stay at home…. No!! I want to go with mummy!

In the car:
Me: did you sleep well?
Ern: no. Wake up. Want to sleep some more.
Me: mummy is really very sorry. Mummy is so late that mummy don’t even have time to draw my eyebrows.
Ern: Oh no!

So I did my first ever proper photoshoot for my portfolio. Have been putting it off for way too long. I again chose my original models as they were really camera friendly and I just like them. They were also my models for my examination a year ago when I first started out as a style coach. Now that I’m a professional MUA they are still my go to models. We work very well together and the whole entire shoot was fun right from the very beginning. Will load the pictures once they are ready.

After the shoot ended, took a short break and went back to the same studio to do a makeover for a caucasion. In the end she requested me to do her next shoot. I feel very flattered. The owner of the studio then booked me for the subsequent shoots.

They do have an in house MUA but according to Dan the owner she couldn’t produce what he wanted so I will take some of the more demanding shoots. I am not undercutting her… Infact my charges are higher. This morning I actually had a bit of problem with the in house MUA but it quickly went away after I helped her with a hairdo… Am glad that the uneasy feeling betwen us has resolved to a certain degree and I should be happy working there from now onwards ; )

Pictures soon!


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