It started 2 weeks ago. One day…. (at home on the bed)
Ern: mummy!! I want to feed the cow!
Me: ??? Cow?? Now??
Ern: yes! It’s coming!
Me: who is coming?
Ern: the cow is coming!
Me: ermm… Ok… Where is the cow? Can you point to mummy?
Ern: (pointing) here! 2 cows. I think they are hungry.
Me: ah…. Ok so let’s feed them..
Ern: what about the sheep?

There were the cows, elephants, goose, dogs, cats, rooster and the list goes on. She feeds her imaginary animals. Sometimes she will bring out her makeshift basket and tell me she wants to go wet market to buy vegetables. When asked what vegetables do you want to buy? It will be egg plant, carrots etc… And she also pretend to pay the “aunty” for the vegetables and bring them home and chop them up to prepare them for dinner. And yes she will then put the “vegetables” in her pots and pans (toys) and start cooking them. Before serving them she will taste it first and then season them with “salt and pepper”. Super cute. She feeds her animals and her dearest mummy of course. How blissful..

This evening after brushing her teeth, she pulled out one of her animals – walrus and said:
“walrus, can you please brush teeth again? Please? It’s yellow. Later worm will bite. not nice. Must be like this (showing her teeth to her walrus)”

Then she turned to me and said “Matt matt teeth spoil already. Must ask Matt Matt to brush.”

Okay let me clarify. Matt’s teeth (her good friend) isn’t spoilt. I just told her that story about Matt not wanting to brush teeth and hence his teeth is now spoiled to achieve 2 aims. One is to encourage her to consistently brush her teeth and secondly, to get her to help “teach” (demonstrate) how to brush teeth; which she has graciously agreed to help.

That’s my bao bei for you ; )


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