Zoo after school

Rushed to view my portfolio shots before picking her up from school. I really love how the images turned out. Better than what I’ve expected really. And will definitely be even better after a little touchup. Dan assured me that the touchup will not affect my original work : ) my next project in early November will be “moulin rouge” am still tweaking the ideas in my mind every now and then. Hopefully I don’t get into a “analyse till paralyze” kinda situation.

Okay. Zoo was not intended (as always) but she didn’t want to head home and asked for animals so we off we went …. (when in fact all I really want to do is to take a nap with her)

Her mandatory picture.



It’s a white pony this time. Name is “Candice” if I remembered correctly.



She ram to me soaking wet and asked to take a picture.


And that’s her “riding her octopus” after her 20 mins shower. She had a blast in the “man made rain” (shower head).

The problem is lately she has been refusing to shower. She sceams and cries in the bathroom that irritates me alot.. I should say her refusal to shower kills me on the spot. She dislikes water dripping down her face but the way I showers her has not changed a single bit. We usually shower together using the shower head .. Nothing has changed. But today she is soooooo happy dancing and shaking her bums under the shower head and kept shouting in excitement “it’s raining” (in English and mandarin) when she did her “macareena” moves I couldn’t stop laughing. Pls don’t suggest going to the zoo to shower everyday. Faintz.

But I did get some ideas of tricking her to shower during our last playdate session with the good old friends. Let me keep my fingers crossed that the ideas can “last” for at least a month. Kids these days are too intelligent for tricks. One of the method I use is to shower her immediately when she did her dump. She has no choice but to wash her bum.. Hiak hiak hiak

Let’s hope my future post on her showering will be a positive one.


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