Her first ever stage rehearsal

I couldn’t see what was going on as I have to hide a distance away least she sees me and gets distracted. I can see that it was quite a major thing as it was a combined rehearsal from the other affiliated branch. I didn’t expect the rehearsal to end so late though. I waited at least 2 hours before I can pick her up and by the time she had her lunch, it was almost 2 pm. But the wait was not the least bit boring.

I chatted with her teachers and received fantastic comments about ern. She has made me so proud. One of them said that I have brought ern up so well and that I’m an excellent mum. Hee hee. Her Chinese teacher is full of praises too. And the auntie who cooks their meals said she is fun to play with. Hahaha.

So I was waiting in her school (they rehearsed at the void deck). I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before. There was a girl in her class 3 years old, started school since beginning of this year and will cry non stop during meal times till the helper comes and bring her home. But today I witnessed the whole entire episode. It was bad. Really bad. The crying was very bad. The auntie who was feeding her (while she continues crying) told me that she cries even when she sits on the toilet bowl. Nothing can calm her down. I tried to talk to her but I just felt that she is a very insecure child. It’s sad. She is closer to the helper than her own mother. When the helper came, she wasn’t very patient with her. She keeps complaining that she cries ALL THE TIME. But if you want a positive change in a child you shouldn’t say those things infront of her.. (sigh..) In my opinion, this insecure child is clearly not ready for school. Yet. I just felt so bad for her when I heard the helper saying “go and take your bag! Be responsible! I’m not here to pamper you or sayang you!”

This is another reason why I never allowed my helper to take care of ern. Her role is to do solely the housework and nothing more. My helper plays with ern but taking care of her is my job. Even if I need to be away she will be with the next care giver which is usually my mum or ee fann. Enough said.

I am very glad that I have the choice and had chosen to work on a flexible basis. I will not trade anything for that.
And working on something I feel so passionate about. Double bliss.

I also chatted with the principal at length and learnt A LOT. I shall post that in a seperate post. So here’s a picture of ern in her P.E attire in the morning before she left for school.


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