Late nights

Can’t sleep. I feel wide awake at night. The time ern sleeps will be the time my mind works the hardest. Churning out new ideas, thinking about new projects, forseeing problems, possible solutions etc… Basically these days I eat, shit, sleep thinking about my work. Except when I’m with ern. when I’m with her; I’m with her (almost 100% untill a poster or an image triggers an inspiration)

Picked her up a little late today and saw that they were already preparing for their afternoon nap. She was so happy moving around her bed that I regretted picking her up. She wanted to sleep in school. she said “I want to sleep in the blue bed.” (it’s a hammock lookalike bed) but after seeing me she couldn’t decide to leave with me or to stay in school to nap. She struggled for a decision and in the end she wanted the best of both worlds. “I want mummy to come inside (classroom) and also sleep .”

So in the end she went with me and we headed to …. The zoo. Hahaha skipped her nap and slept at 6.30pm.

But I did promise her that she will sleep in school tomorrow. A perfect arrangement as I received an assignment tomorrow at 1.30pm. A pretty unusual request which Dan couldn’t tell me clearly what she wants as he is also confused. Hahahaha will speak to the client tomorrow and find out EXACTLY what she wants. I love unusual request as I can then unleash a bit of creativity juice.

The plan for her tomorrow:
8.30 – 1pm : school
1 – 3pm: nap in school
3pm: ee fann and I will pick her up
3.30 – 4.30pm: Royce Gym with mummy(our first visit)
4.30 – 6pm : do nothing
6pm: dinner with me and ee fann

Oh today she made me feel stupid again. Bought her iced Milo before leaving the zoo as she really wanted it so badly.

So in the car…
Ern: (take away from KFC) what’s this?
Me: (looking from the baby mirror) oh, it’s a cover.
Ern: no…… No…. (shaking her head) it’s a plastic cover.
Me: 0_o

I think this is like the fourth or fifth time we visited the zoo this month and still counting. Today she tried something new. We rode the elephant together : ) very bumpy. Between exotic rides like camel and elephant…. I will go for camel.

Elephant ride: $8. FOC for ern.
it takes 5 passengers at a time so we didn’t have the elephant to ourselves : ( so Ern and I still prefer the pony ride. At $6 she has the pony all to herself! So that should the the first and last elephant ride for now.

Have a lovely weekend!


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