Just watched a very touching abd inspiring video on you tube, and am swept away by his charm. Those “america’s got talent” kind of singing competition. Many of them are really very moving; needless to say they are also tear jerking. All of them have one thing in common – their courage, bravery and superb positive mental attitude. They are the real winner.

I admit. given their situations, I would have given up all hope long time ago. And because of that thought it made me feel so ashamed through and through. They stood up against ALL odds and made it in the end. To me, this achievement is greater than anyone attaining the top of mount Everest. Then the feeling of guilt sets in. Not because I pitied them or felt sorry for them (not the least bit. They should be the one feeling sorry for me!) but because when I looked back at all that I’ve “achieved” so far, I can no longer be in denial that I’ve done my best. I’ve became complacent over the years and sometimes to a point that I couldn’t care less. I’ve got everything that these guys have and so so so so much more but yet I took things for granted. Really ought to slap myself hard.

I’m physically abled but compared to them who is not only physically challenged and with a hard life; I’m as good as a disabled.

It is really time for a wakeup call. Nothing is too late. I want to start anew.

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