Golden opportunity

Just when I wanted to start afresh; it happened. Because I wanted it so much; a breakthrough.

I sent my portfolio to a makeup school with the hope of not taking their beginner course and bridal course and jump straight to professional advance course as I really want to learn more about magazine styling, commercial, editorial look etc… (their prerequisite is to take the first 2 levels before proceeding to the advanced level)

The reply came really fast and the opportunity is one that I would not have imagined. The director Elaine who is a famed international celebrity make up artist replied and said she will coach me personally (one to one) and November she will take me on location shoot for an international movie!! I couldn’t believe it when I first read her email.

She mentioned that I do not have to worry about traveling expenses etc and my name will be credited in the film. How cool is that?!?! However… I may only tag along for the 2 weeks shoot in Singapore and give the traveling part a miss… Movie shoot usually last for a few weeks to months.. How can I leave in peace… Unless ern and ee fann can come with me. Will sort this overseas part of the shoot as it progresses along. But right now i’m just so so so (x10000000000) excited!

It’s a very short session with her (6 meetings) as she said I will learn alot more on location shoot then in class which, makes perfect sense to me.

Ok what film they are shooting I’m clueless but Elaine said it’s a major project and that I better not screw up. (exact words) so I guess it’s not going to be a short film.

Can’t breathe!


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