Ern woke up at 4.45am this morning. Ee fann is having a viral fever and couldn’t join us for shichida. I have half a mind to skip class today as I’m not feeling my best. But in the end we still went ahead as I make it a point to hand in ern’s homework every week which is usually a piece of art work. Ern is very proud of her work and hopes to hand it in personally and to receive an “octopus stamp” on her homework. Little pleasures like these makes her so happy.

We took our time to get there and was a little late. But ern couldn’t wait to sit on her chair and join in as soon as we reached her class. I was still keeping my fingers crossed, hoping she could focus because she took some medication before leaving home (cough) and also she woke up way too early.

This little thing never fails to amaze me. Not only was she very participative, she aced all the activities! In particular linking memory, sequencing, building blocks, ESP and flash memory. My little champion. even teacher nana commented on her keen senses ; )

Linking memory.
There are 2 parts to it. Usually ern isn’t serious with the first part but today she was superb. First part is a series of 6 cards and teacher will flash each card while telling a story to connect all the 7 cards. (the story usually don’t make sense but that’s not the point) then teacher will go through the cards again without repeating the story but only using the keywords. Then the children are to place the cards together again in the right order starting from the first to the last card. Second part: after the cards are placed in the right order, the cards are then turned over. Next teacher will then ask the children to pick out certain cards based on their memory (this part if the game ern does very well all the time).

Building blocks. (nikiti blocks)
Children are given 5 blocks and a formation card. They are to build the blocks according to the formation seen on the card. Today’s formation is very tricky. And I told her “ok ern, it looks tricky but im sure you can do it! Just do your best.” without guidance, she did it perfectly. I usually will give her a little guidance verbally for the placement. But today I decided to zip. She was fast and accurate. Teacher witnessed it too : )

Quite honestly, the sequencing games played in school today is too easy for ern. Not boasting. But we do far more difficult levels at home till a point I don’t know how to make it more challenging. So when she did the sequencing without even hesitating, teacher commented “wow, mummy.. Ern can so sequencing very well.” I’m just glad that my efforts paid off.

Flash memory.
There are some changes made to how it’s done lately. Here’s the latest:
It started with 2 animal cards. (it can be any picture cards) Teacher will flash the first card for instance “tiger” (children must repeat after the teacher and say “tiger”) then the next card “squirrel” (and repeated by the children) next, children are to close their eyes and image the pictures in their mind when teacher verbally repeats the cards. Then with their eyes opened, teacher then flashed the 2 cards again at a fast speed, saying the cards as she flashes them. (children need not repeat after teacher. It’s too fast to repeat after the teacher anyway) then teacher will ask the children what’s the first card, the second card etc… Each week, teacher will add one new animal to the original set. This week there were 6 animals altogether (or was it 7?) I think this way of flash memory makes more sense then the previous method which I won’t go into detail.

And of course the usual standing on her chair and dancing (her all time favourite), pretend play, finger play etc…

After she collected her sticker from teacher at the end of her class I said to her “ern, today you are fantastic! Do you know that?” she replied “I know. And mummy is so proud.” awwwwwww. Ern … You don’t know the half of it.


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