I’m “back”

Thanks for still watching this space. Have been wanting to update but I just couldn’t do it at all. The moment I do anything that needs the brain power it will send me straight to nausea land. It’s really that bad and worse. I’m pregnant. Coming to 12th week soon… Thing is I don’t feel happy nor excited when I’m congratulated. I’m just not in the mood at all. The morning sickness has sucked the life out of me. Literally.

I can’t eat nor can I drink. The only kind of drink that I can stomach is sweetened drinks. It’s really not easy. I hate sweetened drinks all my life. I’m the type who will opt for plain water anytime, anywhere. The morning sickness this time is horrible… I throw up all the time. The moment morning breaks, as I open my eyes; I wished the day will soon end. Did I mention the MS lasts the whole day even when I close my eyes? It’s a living hell. Really.

Fortunately I have excellent support from my mum who took care of me. It’s such a comfort to have her around.(mum is still the best!) Ee fann though he can’t do much but is willing to go anywhere just to get food for me. My helper who helps to entertain ern when I’m confined to bed. And the most important person – ern ern who will always rush to the toilet and stand beside me as I “empty my stomach” with her ever so loving words of comfort “mummy? What’s wrong?” or “mummy, don’t worry.” Of course… She also took the chance to practice her math and sorting as we lie in bed. “1,2,3,4,5,6,7 pimples!” “this is big, that is small….” “oh mummy, pls put cream or see doctor Ang.” Cute right?? Ern will also come into my room and check on me every now and then when I rest on the bed. I feel so guilty not being able to be with her. She will also asks her imaginery animals friends to “shhhh… Keep quiet. Mummy sleeping. She is not feeling well”. As she wakes up in the morning, she will allow me to continue my sleep as she lies right next to me keeping very quiet. I do not know when it started, but ern has been whispering countless times of “mummy I love you” like at least 5 times a day. One time when I wake up (yes she waits for the opportune moment) , another time just before she sleeps and the rest randomly as she deems fit. I know I am very blessed.

The fact that I’m able to write this post means that I’m feeling much better now. (thank you) Though I still feel nauseated occasionally but the worse is over. (keeping my fingers crossed.) I can’t wait to get back on my feet again.

Princess will be having her first ever concert performance this coming Saturday. Its a charity cum K2 graduation celebration. She is the youngest of the lot. But due to my “confinement” I haven’t been sending her to school and so she didn’t have that many chance to learn and practice. I can safely say that she practiced the entire dance less than 8 times while the rest had 3 months of full rehearsal. However, Feedback from her teachers were great nonetheless. They were all surprised that with her minimal practise sessions she was still able to remember all that were taught and followed through. Hahaha don’t mean to be a proud peacock here but it didn’t come as a surprise to me and ee fann. (nor my mum) All of us long knew that she had a superb memory(credits to shichida?) and in addition to her passion for music and movement; she will definitely pass with flying colours.

She will do us proud this Saturday; the way she has always made us feel.


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