32rd birthday

Had the first celebration (we sort of “celebrated” twice) at home with ee fann and ern. Didn’t do much as I wasn’t up to it. Got an ice cream cake from Swensens and seafood dinner at Paradise seafood restaurant.




She sang the birthday song and insisted it’s her birthday… Oh well I guess she thinks that if it isn’t her birthday; she won’t get to blow the candles. She how her face lit up upon seeing the candles? ; ) she shall get 3 birthdays every year. Only one of which is official of course.

On the actual day is back to my mums place for some pampering ; ) this is something I must have year after year. Mee suah!! It’s not just an ordinary mee suah. It’s a bowl full of love and tolerance for the last 32 years. I really appreciate my mum (the most important woman in my life) much more since becoming a mum. It’s herbal soup base, with very generous serving of chicken thigh, pig’s liver and kidney and 2 eggs. My mum has a way of not over cooking the meat and it’s super yummilicious. Truth is, as I was anticipating my mee suah the night before, I lost sleep thinking about it. I was damn hungry and was craving for it! Needless to say, ern had her own serving of mee suah too. But she was more excited about cracking the eggs and the drumstick ; )

That’s my 32rd birthday. Quiet, contented and glad.



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