Her concert performance

The opening speech by the K2 graduates made ee fann and I teared quite badly. It was sooooo moving. It was almost a 10 minute speech and I could really feel their sincerity when they thanked the teachers and that they really didn’t want to leave their teachers but they have to move on etc…. Recollection of their speech still has the same effect.

I hope one day, ern will also be the one on stage; giving the graduation speech. In mandarin ; )) the words they use on the mandarin version was really power!

Her segment was the 4th in line and then we waited the next hour or two for the finale where she came out waving to everyone. I took video of her moves and if you have a chance to view it, you will notice that there were lots of “shaking”. I really couldn’t help tearing. She was one the 2 flowers in the dance; standing at the far left. When the curtain was drawn I saw her face lit up. The lights on the stage added to the drama and with the audience’s applause, she knew it’s time for show down ; ) she was the youngest of the lot while the rest is one year her senior. (it was a mix with PG and N1) she danced accurately to the beat and not once was her face without a smile. She even screamed in delight during climax of the dance where the kungfu pandas came out. Oh the theme was kungfu panda meets madasgascar. At the end of the play all of them got together and did the final pose while waiting for the curtain to close. But when the applause came, ern stood up to bow. Hahaha don’t think she was supposed to bow but I guess she couldn’t help it. ; ) I’m now still trying to load the video which I took to her personal website but it’s taking forever!

Here are some pictures:





After the concert which ended at 5pm, we collected ern from the stage. The first thing she said “mummy! Mummy! I had so much fun today!”

We were then urshered outside the auditorium for the much needed refreshment. Ern was so hungry! Hahahaha. We bought the official DVD and just can’t wait to get my hands on them. you see, I was taking video of only ern and really didn’t know what the dance was all about. I need to see it!

Just before she slept, I asked if she wants to perform on stage every year. Why did I even bother asking?! The answer is obvious ; )


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