Just when I thought self weaning seemed not possible, ern self weaned couple of weeks ago. It started with one feed (breast milk) per day (it’s usually night feed or nap time) then it became one feed every 2 – 3 days and then it’s off the boobs. It may be because the supply isn’t significant anymore and also the taste of the milk may have changed during pregnancy. After breastfeeding for 34 months I do feel a sense of loss but at the same time welcoming it. Ern isn’t on any form of formula milk nor fresh milk (she doesn’t like it) but we are perfectly fine with it as her appetite is good.

Next in the news… as I was putting her to sleep, she told me “I don’t want tutu (pacifier). I just want to hold it.” in case she changed her mind I congratulated her on being a big girl now and if she can share her tutu with someone else who needs it more – her dinosaur. (her sleeping partner) To which she gracefully agreed. It’s really cute seeing how she cuddles her dinosaur and “feeding” it tutu at the same time while keeping her eyes closed trying to get to sleep. Maybe I’m rejoicing too early. But it’s a progress nonetheless ; ) let’s see if she can keep it this way.


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