Belated post on Christmas

Finally able to write something here… Let me try to recall …. Couple of days ago I had tonnes to write but so many things happened and my limited brain cells can hardly load new info. So it was a case of “delete” and “save” but thankfully I had some pictures… Here goes..

In shichida:
Queuing up for stickers and handmade Christmas gift from her teacher ; )


Choosing her stickers… She has been selecting princess only stickers for the last few weeks. Very likely a “girl’s thing”?





I think it was Christmas eve. We had our dinner at chef eric’s restaurant “red chef” fantastic food! In his restaurant, children are free to scribble anything they want on the walls. The comical pictures on the wall are drawn by chef Eric himself. A very friendly, pleasant person. He makes you feel very comfortable talking to him. If you ever patronize the dessert “sogurt” is a must try. (the machine that makes the desert costs $100 000!)




The pi

Picture above is the “sogurt”.


Then we went to watch a bowling tournament which was located just above the restaurant.

She was so so so enthusiastic!! Shouting “well done kor kor!” each time he strikes!! Super cute.


This was when he didn’t strike she said “oh no! Almost!”


These are some gifts that we bought and gave them to a children’s home. More on that in a seperate posts. The wrapping was a nightmare. Ern tried helping but I guess in the end… It’s really the thought that counts? Hahahaha…


All done!!


Gifts for all her teachers in school… We have yet to distribute to all of them. But will do so soon ; )


We wanted to do a couple more things with her, something typical like walking down orchard road to see Christmas light ups etc … But she soon felt sick. More on that later.

But I’m sure most of us had a fantastic 2011. For those who did not enjoy a rewarding 2011; we still have 2012!! *winks* here’s wishing everyone good health this year and many more years to come!! Cheers!!

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