She is now an informal leader

In school. Last year she was one of the three PG (playgroup) students. Her classroom is a mixture of N1 and PG students. This year, 2012, all the N1 has shifted to the other classroom and her present class has an influx of new “recruits”.

Teacher Daz; her form teacher told me that since PG days, she is the only one (in PG) that talks. This year she talks non-stop. She talks to everyone and even assist her to get the class to drink water.
Ern, with her finger (pointer) in the air:
“hey, you, drink your water ah, drink more! Drink!”

Sounds more like a tyrant to me!!

Her new senior teacher likes to tell me things about ern that impresses her… Like her ability to recognize and name countless animals, all shapes, colours, counting, etc… But I’m not that impressed. Ok maybe I would be if she had told me this like 2 years ago. She knew all her stuff when she was barely 2 years old…

But what I’m happy about is the updates that’s written in her progress report. It said that ern’s social skill has improved. When faced with conflict, she is able to compromise. In fact, I’ve noticed some time ago that ern is very willing to share her stuff. Toys, food … Whatever. It just makes me feel so proud of her. But don’t try asking her to share when she is in a bad mood (cranky) she won’t.

Then i got a pleasant surprise when i took her to playground this evening. (she still needs to work on her motor skills) As she was climbing up the stairs to the slide she suddenly said “this is the word seal.” Then I looked closely at what was distracting her. It was a small sticker that read “safety seal”. My gal can recognize more words now. Either that or she can read it. I must say that she is phonetically advanced. Whenever we have a conversation, any conversation. For example:
“ern, can you help teacher daz lead the team in the dance practice later?”
“no problem.”
“teacher – T” “tiger also T!”
“dance – starts with “D” “dinner also D!”
“practice – starts with P” “pig also P!”
She gets very satisfied with doing this. And I’m more than happy to help her with even more words. To some, this could be insanely boring; but to us, it’s fun ; )

Next Thursday the school will be putting up a performance for CNY. This time round; ern is the lead dancer! Teacher daz said the rest of the students are still new to the school and still crying so needs ern to lead ; ) lead the team? Ern’s reply will be “no problem!” (it’s music and dancing. How can she ever say no?)


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