That was the reason why she spent the last few days of 2011 and the first few days of 2012 in hospital.

I know that ern has been in and out of hospital since young. Tried as I might, changing her diet but there’s no way to prevent it from happening. Although I do see her immunity building up as she didn’t fall sick for a long stretch of time; attending school daily and all… But the problem comes when the virus or infection catches her. Unlike other child who can cough for weeks or even a month or more, ern will result in further complications easily.

I’ve heard rude remarks that she isn’t eating healthily or not getting enough exercise and “thankfully the virus is not spread to their child.” and it hurts. So please… Watch your words.

Eventhough ern has medical condition, I can’t possibly cope her up at home can I? She still needs a normal life like other child. Though I must say ee fann and I gets wary whenever anyone sneezes or coughs near ern. We are very sensitive to such situations. And we pray that she recovers fast whenever she falls sick.

Parainfluenza is different from common cold. It is a virus that can cause either upper respiratory infection or lower respiratory infection (bronchiolitis, bronchitis, pneumonia etc..) or both. For an adult, the symptoms usually go away without treatment. It starts with a common cold (sneeze etc…) then fever with mucleache. Ee fann got it. So I know. Then comes the cough which will last a few weeks. But if it happens to infants or younger child; in the case ern (with sensitive airway) it will also be common cold symptoms first then HIGH fever then the cough. In ern’s case, the virus caused lower resiratory infection. Hence the difficulty in breathing, wheezing. (the airway gets very congested) and this definitely calls for prompt treatment. As usual we go to gleneagles (no need to queue)

When I spoke to the doctor who is on duty, he just told me to continue with the medication at home etc…. But I know my daughter better than anyone. I insisted on admission and a specialist immediately.

Upon checking ern, the PD ordered blood test, mucus test, antibiotic via drip (yes. Needles, needles and more needles). And of coz nebulizer. She did a total of 3 blood tests!!! I almost wanted to faint each time needles were used. But my only comfort was that ern was very calm and brave. She is perfectly ok with that little cast on her hand, only thing is that she complains of her hand being itchy and couldn’t scratch it. When the results came, after knowing that it’s a virus, we can’t do much but to let it run it’s course.

Ern has antibodies against the virus now (you will have antibodies against the virus after recovery) but the unfortunate thing is the virus will never be the same. It mutates. But if she gets it again it will not be that serious.

That is the reason why it is advisable to take flu vaccinations every year coz the virus is never the same.

Pneumococal (spell check pls) vaccination is able to prevent certain types of virus that causes pneumonia. Not all. There are way too many viruses that can lead to pneumonia. And pneumonia itself comes in several forms too. (complicated. I know) But it is still worth getting the vaccination done as the virus that the vaccination prevents can be very destructive or even deadly. To parents with weird mentality – please. It does not cause autism. (get your facts right. Speak to several professionals to get them verified if you must. Since one shouldn’t take newspaper articles as gospel truth; much less information on the Internet right?)

Nope ern is not vaccinated yet. Coz each time when I want to call for an appointment, she falls sick. Now she is nursing a runny nose. I’m praying.

In the ward. I think it’s day one or two.


When she is much better. Looking prettier too ; ))



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