It’s likely a girl ; )

That’s what the gynae told us ; )

Like I always tell ee fann “this is what you get for wishing for many women in your life!” hahahaha

It’s my 18th week now. Baby is growing very well. Life for me has resumed to normal again … At least for another trimester ; )

Still thinking of a name.. Will be something ern as well! We love the word ern because the true meaning of “en” is gratitude. Ee fann studied higher Chinese so trust him ; )

Gratitude is such a beautiful word. It’s beautiful in every sense. A person without gratitude will not be a happy person. And usually well liked by everyone. So that is what we want ; )

And tomorrow is yet another celebration in school – welcoming of CNY! I heard that there will an in house lion dance! How interesting! Unfortunately ee fann won’t be able to be with us (ern will be leading a dance) yet again due to a seminar that he has to conduct.

Hopefully I can get some decent pictures of the event! Will post soon!


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