CNY performance

Ee fann couldn’t be there with us and it’s the first time she is leading a dance before a large crowd. The last concert performance was a proper one with lights and stage but the lights were dimmed so she couldn’t see the crowd. This time it was held under a HDB void deck in the morning. So I wasn’t sure if she will have any stage fright jitters but I badly wanted to take down her entire performance on video.

Not equipped with a proper video recorder this time so I had to rely on my iPhone.

I was blown away once again by all the performances that the children put up especially the one lead by ern! Hee hee… She was a natural and definitely thrive on attention and applause. She danced like the song belonged to her. Each and every step were deliberate and confident. She is always smiling or giggling(certain actions were really very entertaining) throughout the dance.

So after it ended, I retreated back to a corner wanting to replay to see if what I’ve just saw was for real. Then I got the most disappointing shock. It wasn’t on video mode. All I took was a picture. I was so upset!! Full of regrets … Obviously it still upsets me till now.

After the event was over, I was congratulated by her teachers and the principal. I definitely am very proud of her. I forgot to mention she had only 4-5 practice sessions. She did not even attend the actual rehearsal as she was … Sick. After she got back for her final practice session; I thought she would have been replaced. But she wasn’t! Her form tutor had absolute faith in her ; ) and they were right, she was absolutely charming.

The next performance would be during mid autumn festival which will only happen during the final quarter of the year. But from now till then, it’s packed with excursions ; )

This shot is taken in the morning with papa before she went to school.


The venue


Getting ready … Can spot her? Front row, in the middle.



Lastly, their very own in house lion dance put up by the principal, mr Jeremiah.




When the performance was over, we went back to her class for potluck lunch. Every parent contributed something.

This is ern, waiting for her food.


Think she was famished! She asked for second round.



And that’s not all. While I was talking to the principal, she happily helped herself with big servings of jelly. Sneaky little fellow! She wasn’t feeling well so I wanted to restrict her intake on sugar… But oh well..

Anyway, happy Chinese New Year to all!!! Wishing you a prosperous, healthy and happy new year!


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