CNY 2012

Contemplated and hesitated on writing this post for sometime as my mind kept thinking that ern is turning THREE tomorrow!!! So technically I still have another year with her before she turns four – the not so cute stage (so i’ve heard) and then five… Six… Then Primary one! If the first three years and zoom by so fast, so can the next three years. I guess even more so with the arrival of our second princess. Since no one has yet invented a time machine; I had better “savour” every moment I have with her.

So for our CNY we did the usual things visiting, feasting and more feasting.

Pictures pictures pictures!!




She knows what to expect and understands the “procedure”. Equipped with an empty bag; she is ready to go!! Hahahaha…

Family picture first!


Taken at my inlaws; with her favourite dog MILO!! Look closely at them and you will notice both the little owner and her pet has the same facial expression.




“jump Milo! Jump!!” Ok … Clearly she thinks she can handle 25kg anytime.



Picture with her favourite shu shu. (she hasn’t a choice really. She has only one shu shu)but see the smile on her face? It says it all…


Okay, her cousins from china came to visit. But ern hasn’t learnt how to be a gracious host – yet; otherwise this seat must so special and only one of them can seat on it.


It’s quite unlike ern not to give in because she usually does. But from what we have observed, since the trip we made last year to visit them in Hangzhou, these 2 little angels become monsters when you put them together. Refusing to give in and always want to vie for anything. I think it started when Jenny (the cousin in question) refuse to share anything with ern. It’s rather funny. Jenny will bring her “treasure” (tortise, books etc…) to show ern (just a glimpse) after she has caught ern’s attention, she will run away with it and refuse to let ern take a second look and that made ern so mad. So it started from that trip; they made “enemies”. On the surface, ern dislikes Jenny. But ironically when asked she says she likes Jenny. Interestingly ee fann told me that usually the youngest will not share and the eldest are more willingly to share. After thinking about it; it does make sense.


These were taken at ee fann godpa’s house. Ern was kept entertained the whole time she was there; exploring the house, identifying the different animal ornaments. Here at the pond, she force fed the duck water and food by dunking it’s head in the water. She was at it for a good 20 mins at least!

“duck!! You are hungry! You must eat fish. Come, eat your fish!”




Second day of CNY. A picture with papa. I really like how it turned out.




With her other cousin; dancing away.



She also helped with the beansprouts ; )




She saw the toy box and told me “Jack in the box”. I didn’t get it until….



We got her tickets for Disney on ice! She kept looking intently at the brochure from carrefour till we reached home. Hence we are so sure she will enjoy it!


Ah… This garlic thing is made by my mum!! It symbolizes wealth.


We also went too ee fann’s office to witness the dragon and lion dance. It was so loud and ern wasn’t bothered by the noise but was so engrossed in the performance.






My darling distributing sweets to uncle.


That’s pretty much it for our CNY celebration! I know and I can feel that 2012 will be a superb year.


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