We love cookies!

Using a discarded box, I had planned to make a makeshift house for the up and coming skit for our kiddos get together this Sunday. I needed it to be white. Ern was so excited about it that she couldn’t wait to rush home immediately after breakfast. But in the end… We’ve got EVERYTHING except the white paint! I thought ern would be disappointed but she suggested to “mix colours”. I thought it was about time we revise on the mixing of primary colours and we wasted no time. ; ))



In the afternoon, we baked cookies! I’m very inspired by TOTT and since ern kept wanting to go back there to bake. ( you can bake on the spot. More on that in a seperate post) I thought I might as well do it often at the comfort of our home. Couple of days ago we went to survey the mixers from really high end ones to more affordable ones and finally settled on one that only cost $23 from NTUC! We are leisure bakers and nothing serious so a cheap one that does the job is good enough. But we did get the cute looking cookie cutters from TOTT.

You could guess how thrilled ern was the moment she woke up from her nap and the next thing she heard was “let’s bake cookies.” It’s our first official cookie baking and it’s vanilla butter with a hint of cinnamon. Ok I swear that we did the cookie dough wrongly. But we went ahead to bake it nonetheless. Keeping my fingers crossed after I popped them into the oven and fortunately it tasted heavenly. In fact, it looked and tasted better than the ones we did in TOTT! Ern and I are very pleased with the cookies. Hee hee.






We used lesser sugar than what the recipe suggested. Will try with even lesser sugar next time! I guess that’s the advantage of DIY baking. You know exactly what goes into the end product.


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