Ern slept around 7pm this evening. Her sleeping hours hasn’t been very predictable lately. Anyway 2 hours into her sleep, I had this urge to wake her up to keep me company.

I’m now 20 weeks into my pregnancy and some days I feel extremely tired and some days I feel that I can take on the world. Today is the day I felt so tired and the time seems to pass so slowly that I even checked if my clock is working. I was hoping to get a real good rest with ern this afternoon but she napped for less than 45 minutes : (( I was pretty annoyed that she was up. She knew that too and so she kept still, trying to go back to sleep for the next 1.5 hours but that didn’t work. She would try her best to keep her eyes shut but after a while she will just look at me; keeping very quiet. (I know because we were peeping at each other!) the moment she caught me looking at her, she will shut her eyes again ; )

Every morning she will wake up before me, let me continue my sleep for another 30-45 minutes before I hear “mummy, it’s time to wake up.”

I haven’t been very excited about my pregnancy till lately when I knew ern is ready for a sister. During a CNY visit to my brother’s house, she brought out an unfinished milk bottle to her cousin (my brother’s 1 year old son) wanting to feed him. Whenever a baby cries, she will want to pat the baby, to soothe him. When I asked if she wants a baby sister, she said yes and that she will take care of her, shower her bottom, her tummy (hahaha), feed her milk and change her diaper!! Last night she put her ear to my tummy and kept laughing away. I wonder what she heard. I hope things remain this rosy after the baby is out. My mum ever told me that it’s natural to love the eldest one most. I can’t be sure if i will love equally till the second princess is out. But one thing that’s for sure, I love ern the longest. (fair statement? No?)

Anyway this is ern, helping me to paint a white “house” for the coming gathering. She knows something fantastic is brewing this weekend. ; ))







2 thoughts on “Random

  1. I’m a mummy to two children too. I wasn’t very happy and I didn’t enjoy my second pregnancy as I don’t see myself able to love both my children equally. I feel very unfair and guilty for my eldest child as I thought I would share my love for him with my second child. Things start to get better after giving birth to my second child. Though I didn’t spend very much time with my second child as I’m taking care of my eldest child all alone, I am very sure I love both of them very good. Enjoy your pregnancy and smooth delivery 🙂 God bless.

    • Hey hi Ann!

      Thanks for your comment. Like yourself I feel a little confused and uncertain. I am VERY close with ern. I have to literally tear myself from her each time I have to go to work. (as a freelance makeup artist) I am always wondering how I will cope with 2. Am I still able to give the same kind of attention to ern? Likely not I guess. But somehow I know that I will manage it somehow. For Mother’s love are simple, sacrificial and sincere. I’m glad that you are happy now ; )

      Enjoy your angels! ; )


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