Her Third Birthday (part 1)

She turned 3 on 26th Jan. According to the lunar calender; it falls on the very first day of Chinese New Year.

The night before I told her about her birthday and what were the activities that we would be doing etc… So early in the morning when she woke up she said the usual things “mummy, it’s time to wake up.” “Mummy I love you.” and then followed by “We are going to celebrate my birthday!”

So we all got dressed, and I asked “today is your birthday! Are you a princess, a diva or rou ern?” She said “Diva”. and eversince that day she proclaims that she is a diva till today! hahahha…

We went for breakfast at sixth avenue.

After which we proceeded to TOTT’s Bake And Go. (This was the part she couldnt wait.)
Bake and Go at TOTT

All Excited!

Strike a pose first!

The helpful staff helping her to put on gloves.

Let the fun begin!

Knead Knead Knead

happy baby

Eating the chocolate chips


It was quite a bother to wear an oversized glove so she took it out. : )

All Done!

Into the oven!

Yummy cookies are ready!

Nicely packed into a tin container which the dough came with.

3 flavours to choose from. Chocolate, Vanilla and strawberry. P.S: We went back the following day to bake the strawberry ones : )

Choose one topping to bake with the dough. You may add it into the dough or just decorate it on the cookie before popping it into the oven : )

Whilst waiting for the cookies to be ready, (approximately 20mins) There is a bistro nect to it and behind the bistro there is a mini playground. So parents can eith have a hot cuppa while the children play or simply walk around TOTT. You will be amazed by the variety innovative of cook wares they have.

At the mini playground

Then it was time to collect our cookies! We went home for ern to take her nap before continuing part 2 of her celebration.

yummy! yummy! yummy!

The first half of the celebration was great! the second half was just as wonderful : )

TOTT http://www.tottstore.com/

896 Dunearn Rd 589472

6219 7077

5 thoughts on “Her Third Birthday (part 1)

  1. babe i lked the bake n go section… but hor i went there a mth ago.. but i missed tis section le! am busy getting my baking stuffs for cleo’s bday tats y i tik missed it. am so gg bk again soon!

    • Babe, actually after going there twice, I went to get the cookie cutters from TOTT. and bake my own at home! So if u already have all the baking stuff no need to go there. It’s more for people who doesn’t have the tools to go there. ; ))

      Sent from my iPhone

      • muahaha… but i want cleo to hands-on so muz go there 2mess up 😉 otherwse cleaning up @hm is crazy! hehe… recently i bot a few cookies cutter online too… those cute transportation kind..kiddy ones. am into baking recently after making her bday cuppies! am still learning though:p

        u too happy baking!

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