Her Third Birthday (part 2)

Right after she woke up from her nap, we went to snow city. Our first time there but ee fann couldn’t be there with us; so it’s just me and diva.

I’m sure she had loads of fun experiencing “snow” for the first time. We were there for an hour as per recommended by the lady who sold us the tickets. We had to come out for a breather every 20 mins or so before going back in again as it was just way too cold. I don’t remember real snow being that cold though.

We arrived around 3pm but only really managed to start the play at 3.45pm. We had to queue for tickets, queue for gloves and a seperate queue for boots and pants and then we also have to find our own jackets which are hung neatly on racks just after you pass the ticket booth.
So… After we finally got our stuff…. We had to queue all over again because the boots, gloves were all too big for ern. Got an exchange but they are still too big, but we really had to make do with them. Oh I forgot to mention, the zippers for all the jackets were spoiled too. We had to rely on the buttons. Quite crappy. But diva didn’t mind of course. But we definitely will bring her to see real snow this year!

Do pardon me for the blurred pictures. She is too excited and can’t stop moving. Hahaha! And oh by the way, this place forbids cameras of any kind. (not even camera phone.) but they do have 1 or 2 photographers in the play area.





After we are done with the snow, both of us came out with slight runny nose. (must be the oversized jackets!)

We then went for dinner at pregos. When the staff knew it was her birthday (we asked for candles etc..) they did the most amazing thing for diva. They asked her how many candles she would like on her cake and she said “three”. They brought out a very special cake (on the house) and 3 candles as per her request; gathered all the staff around her, sang her a birthday song accompanied by loud claps and all the guests in the restaurants joined in the singing. It just made her day COMPLETE! She took centre stage and I’m sure she was on cloud nine! I’m dead sure.




That’s her third birthday – simple and beautiful.


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