Visit to the chiropractor

It was upon Alicia’s suggestion that I decided to take ern to a chiropractor to check on her balancing issue.

Ern is lagging in her gross motor skills as compared to her peers. She doesnt seen to be able to climb up and down the stairs with much ease. We don’t really know what to do till Alicia’s suggestion. (Afterwhich she admitted being a little apprehensive about suggesting it lest I might get offended!) We are very thankful and grateful for that.

This is what we found out.

First ern’s birth history, medical history and her “major accidents” were discussed at length before we proceeded with the checkup and then the adjustments.

If a baby is born with the help of a doctor’s hand assisted at the neck, the pressure caused is 30%. with forcep; it’s 70%. with vacuum; it’s 100% pressure. Ern is an assisted birth baby using vacuum. Hence it’s very likely that the pressure caused during birth had caused tension in her neck muscles. (the muscles right at the end of the skull) and if indeed the neck muscles were affected; it will cause balancing issue. Of course not all babies with assisted birth will have problems but ern happens to be one of them. And it’s not just one incident of course. Then she also had a fall off her bed which landed on her back when she was 8 months old. All these adds up.

Upon assessment, doctor found out that her immune system wasn’t working at it’s optimum level. And the good news is; it can improve through adjustments! As all these adjustment treatments will enhance the overall function of the nervous system and therefore improving the immune system. Together with a good diet, ample rest and exercise, we pretty much took care of everything that is needed to ensure her immune system improves. Only time will tell.

Also her head isn’t “balanced” (I’m sorry I don’t have the appropriate terms for now) meaning she is able to turn her head more towards her right then her left. It also seems that she has more tension on her left leg as compared to her right. Doctor asked ern to walk about and also noted on her gait. After assesment, we decided to proceed with adjustment treatment immediately. It lasted only 15 mins. Using a tool (picture next time) to exert pressure on certain points. It’s painless; I tried it first. ; )

By the way, chiropractic treatments can ease colicky babies! I wish I had known that 3 years ago. So if you happen to have a colicky baby, bring your baby down for chiropractic treatments. ; )

I also happen to find out that chiropractic treatment help kids with ADHD. A study was done and it showed that such treatments are 20% more effective than medicating the child. In fact some time ago I spoke to ern’s principal about ADHD. (more on that in a seperate post.) So if your kid is suffering from ADHD and the drug that you are giving him is slowly losing it’s effectiveness; see a chiropractor.

After the session; we did this!





I’ve always wanted to do this kind of stuff with her since she was a little baby. We finally did it today ; )


4 thoughts on “Visit to the chiropractor

  1. Hello friend, I mentioned this to you long long ago as well when Matt was seeing his Chiropactor. So, which Chiropactor did Ern ern visit? What’s the outcome?

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