What we do at home

Since the arrival of the slow juicer 2 weeks ago, we have been juicing everyday ; ) it’s pretty amazing how brocolli juice can taste good.

Our standard procedure is a full cup of juice when we wake up. Ern takes 2 full cups a day, once in the morning a d once in the afternoon after she wakes up from her nap. As of now we are taking Apple, Beetroot and Carrot. We love it! I’m gathering recipes of the different combinations of fruits and/ or vegetables. Will write a post on that for future reference.

We have been on quite a healthy diet lately and I am bent on having as healthy a meal as possible when we are having meals at home. I’m very blessed that ern isn’t a picky eater and pretty much eats whatever that is served. (definitely a survivor) She loves fruits and vegetables too. She has plenty of vegetables at home and 2 servings of fruits a day. Whenever I pick her up from school she expects a lunchbox full of fruits. Here is a picture of what I brought for her today:


At times it’s a mixture of fruits and vegetables. Gone were the days of chocolate, cakes, sweets etc… We still give her ice cream and stuff but not as frequently as before (once or twice a month) after understanding sugar lowers the immunity. Oh the only “sugar” that she gets are probably her vitamin sweets. I think any stricter with her diet I will be labeled as “abusive”.
I try to educate her what are “bad sugars” that are bad for tummy and what are “good sugars” that she can have as much as she wants. But she once argued with me that the sugar in cakes, ice cream and chocolate is nit good for tummy BUT is good for the heart because it makes her happy! (how to argue back?) hahahaha

Of course, we lead by example. We eat with her too. I used to think that capsicums are for decoration purpose. To make the dish more appealing but now I will just eat them. Ern just follows. Ee fann used to skip green beans. But now he takes them too. But there is one thing ee fann won’t eat but ern will – durian!! Hahaha! Let’s see if ern can influence him in future.

So typically when we are at home, we do some “work”. Everyday I will set aside the worksheets or games that ern will need to work on for the next day. Usually that keeps her occupied for an hour or so.




Check out ern’s treasure box! I got a toolbox from Giant supermarket to keep most of her arts and craft stuff. Nicely contained. We (ern and myself) are so happy about it. This toolbox is about $10.


Currently we are doing more fun stuff like cutting, tracing, colouring, tearing, puzzles etc to work on her fine motor skills. Will be tackling something not as fun but shouldn’t be that bad real soon – maths ; )

Something I made just recently for math:


Have a great weekend! ; )

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