Our Fantastic Saturday

We agreed to meet up to have a post Valentine’s Day celebration at Botanical Gardens for a picnic.

The day before Ern and myself busied making cookies for Braden and Ryan. Initially I was quite worried that the cookies wont turn out “edible” as I only used half the recommended sugar amount. We still went ahead to bake the first batch and fortunately the taste is still as good.

It is very gratifying to watch Ern hard at work knowing that the cookies that she is making are meant for her friends. She really put in a lot of effort this time : )

We were earlier than the rest and so we went ahead to find a spot. Ern waited patiently for her friends to arrive. The moment Leona and Richard arrived with Ryan, ern was delighted but was a tad disappointed when Ryan was still sleeping. (Ryan did not nap the whole day. So that was probably just his cat nap of 5 mins) But the moment he woke up ern was so excited that she shouted ” Now he wakes up!!”

And 5 minutes later Alicia and family arrived and the fun officially began : )
\While the kids busied themselves, enjoying company of one another, We on the otherhand; busied eating snacks prepared by Leona. They were really delicious. The quail eggs and potatoes were heart shaped! (themed for valentines day) Ok let me steal a picture…

I did not take any pictutes that day as I rather soak in the atmosphere, admiring the kids from a distance. All the pictures are either “copied” from Chris or Leona. And of course there were a couple of pictures taken by my photographer friend Rina.

This was taken while waiting for her friends to arrive. The ball is not hers. She borrowed it : ) picture taken by Rina

Having so much fun! See what I mean? I just wanna sit there and marvel at the beautiful play displayed by the children.

Let me just say that the moment the children got together, they didnt bother about their mummies anymore. They were like glued together. Im not kidding you, there were physical contact all the time. Even when we adjourned to our dinner place at Dempsey; they did the choo-choo train to the entrance of the garden. So it’s a pretty relaxed session but tough on the daddies who gotta keep watch on them.

As we were heading out, we saw this huge and tamed white furry dog right at the entrance of the garden. The dog attracted quite a crowd and the children went ahead and touch the dog. Before touching the dog, Ern remembered to ask for permission and asked “can sayang (stroke) the dog?” the owner was more than happy for everyone to give the dog the attention he deserves. When it was time to say goodbye to the dog, Ern kissed the dog several times and it delighted the owner. She said “this little girl is so sweet.” Im really proud of her. Not because she is being so gentle and kind towards the dog but without reminding her; she asked the owner for permission before petting the dog. It used to worry me when Ern will just rush to ANY dog and start petting the dog. Not all dogs like to be touched by strangers.

So when we were at the dinner table we started doing arts and craft activities. Alicia brought empty faces for the children to paste the eyes, lashes, nouth and even glasses. I brought heart shaped animals for them to paste. Then after the activites were over the children started t doodle. This is the best part… Ryan started to write his alphabets and after watching Ryan did his writings, Ern and B started writing their ABC s as well! This is the first time ern writes her alphabets! I think it has never occured to Ern to actually write her alphabets on her own even though we have been practising at home. I was very impressed by B’s hand writing even though he has yet to hold the marker the right way. It was so neat and nice! Chirs has a picture taken for all teir work. I will get the pictures from him next time : )

We had a very spacious table tucked at a comfortable corner.

We dined at House at Demsey. Not all the food we ordered were fantastic. But the truffle fries were a winner. We couldnt get enough of it. Even the children had their fill of the fries. Leona were saying we can just come back here for tea and order just the truffle fries.

After dinner the kids continued playing and the adults (mummies) chatted away till late. The children will occasionally return to the dinning table for sips of water before running off to the back of the restaurant looking at turtles and fish. I’m not sure what they did but back in the restaurant; it was the choo-choo train with ern infront, followed by Brayden and Ryan. I asked ee fann why is ern always heading the train? He said it was “automatic” because Brayden will suggest choo choo train and immediately put his hands on ern’s shoulder and Ryan will happily follow suit. Ultra cuteness! The children played, entertained themselves without disturbing other diners. No screaming or running around (it was a controlled choo chop train speed), no shouting. The only time I could hear them was when they all sat down infront of a huge mirror and giggled at their own reflections. Looking at how innocently they played with one another, it is no wonder children are “a gift sent from heaven.”

When it was finally time to go home, (they bargained for more time before going home) they had a group hug. A very tight group hug that almost ended in a group fall. We will definitely have another picnic again. (and really don’t mind going back to House for their divine truffle fries!)


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