Terrific Three

As we observed for quite some time; we can safely say that ern is no longer throwing “red zone tantrums”. I call it the red zone tantrums because no matter how hard I try or what I say, there is absolutely no way will she calm down and listen to me. It is the alarming siren all the way till we reach home. Yes, we head home when red zone happens. So it will be the kicking, screaming and crying all the way from the incident spot, to the car and all the way till we reach home. I’ve read it somewhere that terrible 2’s stage will peak and subsequently subside.

Am very glad it’s over now. Ern hasn’t had anymore tantrums that mummy can’t handle. She listens to reasoning, takes her options willingly, shares with a big heart, waits for her turn patiently, does her best to be agreeable as much as possible. Something that ee fann and I noticed, is ern dislike making people or animals unhappy. Whenever she upsets me, (there are still times she wants things her way to test my limit. But that quickly went away) she will come to me and ask if I’m sad and Why am I sad and then quickly apologise and sayang me. Afterwhich I becomes the queen and she the Cinderella, will do all my biddings. I love that moment!! Hahahaha… Of course we make it a point then to tell her what happened, why it happened and why she cannot do it. She will nod her head with an “okay.” and it will never happen again. Such is the importance of educating them. I have seen parents scolding their child, even hitting them to stop the undesirable behaviour but they did not follow up with an explanation. In such a situation, the child will never learn and the undesirable behaviour happens again and again. I seriously suspect that because of such parenting (or lack of) makes a child grow up to become very rebellious.

Anyway, I’m just very glad that ern has matured a little more despite her baby looking appearance. It should (pray and pray) make her transition to an elder sister a little easier. I’ve been talking to her about her meimei lately and the conversation with her about her meimei always give me great comfort.

Me: where is meimei now?
Ern: in mummy’s tummy! (pointing to my tummy)
Me: do you want to have a meimei?
Ern: yes. I want a meimei. I want to carry baby meimei. If she cries, I will sayang her and she will stop crying and feel happy.
Me: I’m very proud of you diva. I’m very sure you will help mummy take care of baby meimei.
Ern: I will also feed baby meimei milk and also change her diaper.
Me: yes, you will play together too. Eat together, laugh together, go out together.
Ern: I will share my toys with baby meimei.
Me: okay… What about your tutu? (pacifier which she treasures)
Ern: (without hesitation) yes.
Me: you can also teach baby meimei all your ABCs ..
Ern: (interupts me) and sing song and dance and and and and … Hmmmm… (thinking)
Me: (interupts her thought) be happy. Just like you.
Ern: okay!

Cute right…

Ern is growing up very well and my only wish is for her to be healthy. Today we went to see her chiropractor and hence she skipped school. So we hang out in IMM, enjoying our leisure breakfast and shopping in Giant and did her art work again.

This is her, going through the materials which I’ve chosen for her. (go to the education section, there are many really fantastic selections there.)


Today we spent a total of 1.5 hours working on those materials, with an hour’s dinner break in between. Actually I had to convince her to take a break and continue the next day. She is so into it! Not complaining though ; ) Go check them out at Giant!

Then we went to do a tour of the “wet market” section. She always does this in our NTUC which is 3 minutes walk away but this particular Giant has so much more to offer. All their fish is whole and HUGE. Wide variety! Ern stood in the shopping cart as we moved along, went through all the species of fish, shellfish etc.. She touched them, told me the texture, and smell them too. (she said “if the fish is smelly, cannot buy”.) We did the same thing for the vegetable and fruits section. But concentrated on the different types of beans today. Okay maybe that’s the reason why ern ain’t picky about food. She knows what she is eating. I forgot to mention, I also do a mini explanation for instance, carrot is good for your eyes, fish makes you smarter etc… And of course we wash our hands thereafter!

She spilled her water on the carpet few days ago and told me it’s a fish.

It really does look like one. ; )


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